Time Is Right For Local Poet Laureate

Time Is Right For Local Poet Laureate

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


The Coalition for a Sustainable Cheshire strongly supports passing a resolution to establish a Poet Laureate in our town. For those who ask, “Why is this resolution being considered and how can we benefit from establishing a town Poet Laureate?” we need only to turn to the words of the Connecticut Coalition of Poets Laureate:

“The arts are essential to the health and vivacity of every community. Poetry, an ancient art which maintains its vitality today, is something people turn to for solace, enlightenment, and delight. A poet laureate can serve as an ambassador representing a locality in the greater arts community.”  

Currently there are over 37 Poet Laureates in towns and cities across Connecticut, who voluntarily give their time to serve their communities in this way. These poet laureates organize poetry readings and workshops, recite poems at townwide public events, and work with local historians and librarians to increase access to poetry in their communities. They organize events in schools, senior centers, and community gatherings, revealing poetry’s power to communicate our connections no matter our age or lived experiences.

Cheshire was recognized as exemplary in our support of arts and creative culture when we received bronze certification with Sustainable CT. This is in large part due to our town’s continued support of Artsplace and Ball & Socket and their many contributions. Cheshire is currently working to achieve silver certification with Sustainable CT. If our town establishes a Poet Laureate, Cheshire earns additional points toward earning silver. It will also further demonstrate our town’s longstanding commitment to the arts.

The resolution to appoint a Poet Laureate was unanimously supported by all members of the Town Council’s Planning Subcommittee. We are thankful to the Planning Subcommittee for moving the resolution forward to the full Town Council for consideration, and we hope all members of our community see the benefit of supporting the arts in Cheshire and establishing our first Poet Laureate.


Board of Directors

Coalition for a
Sustainable Cheshire, Inc.


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