Those Upset By PZC Vote Have Recourse

Those Upset By PZC Vote Have Recourse

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Why have a zoning map? Why have different residential zoning districts? Why have zoning regulations? Why have a 355-page town document that details out what can be done on a piece of property if the only requirement for a zoning change is that the paperwork is filled out correctly? Why pretend this process is working?

The zoning regulations and the Planning Zoning Commission are in place to ensure Cheshire remains a desirable place to live — a nice rural community. The recent approval process of a 34-unit subdivision, of high-density housing, on Wallingford Road seems like a lot of formality, wasted time, and expense when in the end it was a foregone conclusion. If you think this type of high-density housing will not make Cheshire a more desirable place to live — if you think this type of development benefits the very few at the cost of the many — if you think this development doesn’t fit the overall character of the town, then you have one last course of action.

There is an election in a few weeks. I want to share a list of the commissioners and how they voted. In favor of the project were Sean Strollo, Tom Selmont, Jeff Natale, Matthew Bowman, Robert Brucato, S. Woody Dawson, and John Kardaras. Gil Linder and Louis Todisco opposed the project. Earl Kurtz III abstained. He is the Wallingford Road property owner’s son. If you think this type of development is wrong for the location, like I do, then we need to fix the problem. Sean Strollo and Tom Selmont are running for re-election. We can start by passing on these two candidates. Instead, consider voting for Casey Downes and Christopher Affie (you can vote for up to three candidates for the Planning and Zoning Commission).


Craig Bassett


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