The Pandemic Has Made Victims Of Us All

The Pandemic Has Made Victims Of Us All

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


It has not been an easy week in Cheshire. We all know what’s been happening — we’ve seen the videos, the Facebook posts, the news. As a society and culture, we are at a true crossroads. There will be Ph.D.’s awarded based on the study of the last two summers.

We have to bring the boiling down. We spend so much time digging ourselves into our own holes that we’ve completely muffled out the sounds of the others digging around us. No one can help anyone if we’re all buried.  

Eventually this pandemic will end. What will be left is an economic challenge unlike any we have faced in my lifetime — and in the lifetimes of most. We will not survive the hardship of the future if we can’t go back to being cordial neighbors now. 

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Maybe I choose to express mine differently than you. Maybe you don’t express yours at all. This isn’t about masks, shutdowns, or even public health. This is a call to be a community again. 

Every one of us is a victim in this pandemic. Some more than others, but all of us no less. When the ink dries on our town’s death certificate, it won’t matter if the ink is blue or red. We are all in this together.


Eric Brushett


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