Thanks For The Memories, Cheshire

Thanks For The Memories, Cheshire

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


In quest of a warmer climate and friendlier taxation, we are heading southbound soon.

The Cheshire experience (over 30 years) was a joy. My spouse, Kerrie Dunne, was an integral part of the community (Congregational Church, Democratic party, Inland Wetlands Commission). She leaves behind dozens of colleagues and friends. Our son Trai (CHS Class of 2016) got an excellent education here that eventually catapulted him to George Mason University and eventually into the officer program in the Marines. He is currently a long way from home in Okinawa, Japan, serving as a 1st Lieutenant.

I could have done a better job “blending in,” but still I met some memorable people along the way.

My list of the “Best of Cheshire” is as follows:

8. the pathway

7. the Fall Festival

6. the Strawberry Social

5. Sweet Claude’s

4. Music in Motion

3. Damon’s (best ribs and big screens)

2. Waverly Tavern

1. Blackie’s

In summary, what a safe and friendly place Cheshire has been to live. The main bugaboos are obvious — traffic on Route 10 and outdated schools. Commerce also could use an upgrade.

Thanks for the memories.


John F. Gozzi



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