Sheehan Has The Right Ideas On Education

Sheehan Has The Right Ideas On Education

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I am writing for the purpose of putting a spotlight of sorts on an unaffiliated write-in candidate for our Board of Education, Michael Sheehan.

Michael is the father of a Cheshire Public School student and, as such, he has become concerned regarding the direction public schools are heading, and where we will ultimately end up as a society given what our most impressionable citizens are learning. More specifically, his concerns include the abdication of the traditional curricular basics in favor of teaching our children to be activists.

What has happened to in-depth comparisons of widely differing opinions on a given subject throughout the ages, then arguing for which points make the most sense and why? Many of us believe our children are now being propagandized and would prefer humility to hutzpah in our kids. Another concern of Mr. Sheehan’s is the treatment of history in schools, it can be either too cynical or too triumphant. U.S. history should fully acknowledge the failures of the past, such as slavery, while emphasizing the founding principles that inspire optimism for the American future. 

Finally, Michael Sheehan will stand up for the right of our Cheshire parents to be the “Primary Stakeholders” in their children’s education. When our Governor or State Department of Education gets it wrong, it is up to our Boards of Ed and us citizens to make it right. Please consider a write-in vote for Michael Sheehan for Board of Education.


Jane Bate


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