Robertson: No Agenda, Just A Commitment To The People

Robertson: No Agenda, Just A Commitment To The People

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:

My name is Christopher Robertson and I am running for the 16th District State Senate seat. I would like to tell you about myself and why I would like to represent you in Hartford.

I grew up in Cheshire where my roots are with many family and friends. I went to Holy Cross High School in Waterbury. After attending Holy Cross, I attended and graduated from Wagner College with a B.A. in business.

During my youth, I worked at my grandfather’s produce business, S. Casertano, where I learned work ethic and to work with individuals for a positive outcome. I have always believed in public service and became a volunteer firefighter in Cheshire.

I was a part of the Cheshire Town Government as a member of the Sewer and Roads Committee. This was a great experience as I learned about the needs for public servants and how valuable our infrastructure is and why they must be maintained.

I moved to Southington with my wife and three children and became involved with the Democratic Town Committee throughout the years. I served as a fire commissioner for four years assisting in rebuilding the department with new equipment, passing an additional tax abatement for the volunteer firefighter ranks, as well as hiring a new fire chief. I loved the fire commission because it was truly nonpolitical and we managed to make great gains while I served.

As a voter, you would like to know why I have decided to run and am asking for your vote. It is very simple: I do not believe the 16th District is being properly represented. The constituents need to have a voice in the decisions made in Hartford. Right now, we have a radical extremist voting and representing his views, not the majority of the views of voters the 16th.

I do not have a personal agenda and will work with all members of the State Senate to get things done to improve the lives of the residents. As your State Senator, I will be meeting with residents regularly to see what you want accomplished, not what I want.

For too long we have had far-right and far-left ideas enshrined in our politics. It has been very divisive and I believe the politicians on both sides need to work together. It is always easy to vote “no” on bills as they are never perfect. The key ingredient to moving forward is to compromise. I learned this in my many years being involved in the communities in which I have lived and went to school—Cheshire, Waterbury, and Southington—as well as working with my grandfather.

You should understand the fabric of our communities, which I believe I do.

As your senator, I will vote for what is in your best interest, not mine. I will protect women’s rights such as equal pay, paid sick leave, reproductive rights, women and housing, land and property, domestic violence, and the continued effects of COVID-19 on the community.

There are many other concerns that need to be addressed such as education, infrastructure and supporting public safety police, fire, as well as EMTs.

This past year Connecticut has seen the child tax credit help many families financially, I will work to continue this program. In addition, I will review and look to enhance senior citizen tax credits and veteran’s rights who are often forgotten.

In the 16th District, when I am your State Senator, all the constituents, no matter race, gender, political affiliation, religion, will be represented and not forgotten. This includes small businesses, police and fire departments and our education system to ensure the District receives its fair share.

When a bill goes through the process to become a law I will research and listen to testimony. My answer to a bill will not be no from beginning to the end nor will it be a “yes.” It will be based on listening to the constituents in the 16th. I will not let you down and will work hard as your state senator, not for me, but for you.

I am asking for your support and vote on Nov. 8, Election Day. You can reach me at

Christopher Robertson

Democratic Candidate

16th State Senate District


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