Put Local Farms On Your Weekly Shopping List

Put Local Farms On Your Weekly Shopping List

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


My family just started getting our fruit and vegetables from one of Cheshire’s many local farms. This farm is walking distance from our house, and yet we’ve never really shopped there. The food we buy there has so much more flavor than the food we buy at the grocery store, and I’m almost sure that it’s more nutritious.

Some people might say that these farm stands are expensive, and sometimes they are. But Cheshire is a town with disposable income. Most people don’t immediately buy the cheapest car available, or the cheapest phone, or hire the cheapest plumber. Why should the food we put in our bodies be any different?

For my family, our local farm stand is also more convenient than the grocery store. We can walk there faster than we can drive to the center of town, with the added benefit that we get a little bit of exercise. Shopping at these farm stands supports local businesses and keeps money in our community, and I would recommend stopping at one soon before they close for the season. And if you like the food, consider making it a regular part of your week.


Dalton Bassett


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