PZC Should Deny Two Current Applications

PZC Should Deny Two Current Applications

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I was pleased to read that the Planning and Zoning Commission has voted for a six-month moratorium on commercial development. There are, however, two current applications that I believe should not go ahead.

The proposed construction of five townhouses behind 242 South Main Street is a mistake. Not only is it inconsistent with current regulations, but it will add additional traffic on a section of Main Street that is already brought to a standstill several times a day with the existing traffic. I urge the Commission to vote “No” on the requested zone text amendment.

A second application that should be denied is an amendment to add ice cream parlors as a specially permitted use in the R-20A zoning district. If passed, a second special permit application is asking to allow such a parlor in the Dawson Building at 500 South Main Street, across form Cheshire High School.

Traffic in that area is already a problem with the cars entering both CHS and Bartlem Park. The last thing we need is another retail business adding to this mess. Also, Rikessa Spa at the top of Chipman is now for sale. If they allow food service in the R-20A zone, what’s stopping another type of restaurant to go in there? 


Carol Doheny



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