PZC Must Do What Is Best For Town

PZC Must Do What Is Best For Town

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


There is an application before the Planning and Zoning Commission for a waiver by applicant to squeeze cookie cutter homes on quarter-acre lots. The new development would be called Whispering Oaks.

There are many problems with this application which have not been satisfactorily addressed regarding traffic and water drainage. I feel there is an even more important issue which would establish a dangerous precedent for the entire town if this change is approved

The homeowners in this neighborhood have enjoyed and paid for the right to live in a rustic, beautiful area of our town guaranteed by zoning regulations. Now, one individual, who owns a large tract of land, wants to maximize his profits by asking the Commission to allow him to build almost 40 homes. This will absolutely negatively impact the home values and quality of life of everyone in that neighborhood while increasing the wealth of one person.

If the application is approved in this neighborhood, who is next? We rely on zoning rules to protect our property values and quality of life. If they are changed for the benefit of a few to the detriment of the many, then we are all at risk. Subject to other regulations and environmental reports, I am not questioning the existing right of the applicant to build 16 homes on one-acre lots. I simply require that the rights of the people in this neighborhood also be respected. If they are not, then all of our rights are at risk.

Because the work we have done throughout the years to build a great place to live, Cheshire is one of the most desirable towns in the state. Our property values and quality of life are a direct result of that effort. Good change is good, bad change is bad. This would be a bad change for the entire town of Cheshire.


Tom Santoro


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