One-Party Rule Connecticut’s Biggest Issue

One-Party Rule Connecticut’s Biggest Issue

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


In my opinion, the problem in Connecticut isn't Republican philosophy vs Democrat philosophy. It’s that the same party has been in power for too long.

Democrats have partnered with state employee unions to provide state retirees with way-above-normal pensions and free health care. Ex-Governor Dannel Malloy admitted that, in effect, every cent of additional revenue, and more from his two-of-the-largest tax increases in state history, went towards required contributions to state employees’ and teachers’ pensions and other post-employment benefits. That leaves little or nothing for state services and infrastructure that benefit all of Connecticut.

We will not escape the mess until this issue is addressed. To do this we need change. The party in power has bamboozled us, which can happen whenever a party remains in control for too long.

Financially irresponsible Democrats must be replaced. It’s time to vote out the state senators and representatives that have put us in this position and replace them with more sensible people. Republicans have the reputation of being fiscally responsible and should be given a chance. If it turns out they cannot do the job, then we can vote them out.

I hope you are as upset as I am. I urge you to channel that righteous anger in a positive manner and vote for change. Vote for hope and revival. Vote to save Connecticut. Vote Republican. Vote for Pam Salamone.


Elliott Whitney


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