Marinaro: Community Support Over Memorial Day Weekend Appreciated

Marinaro: Community Support Over Memorial Day Weekend Appreciated

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


It was cold, it was rainy and it was windy.  And yet, people from the Cheshire community came out for events all Memorial Day weekend to honor our fallen veterans who served our country.  It makes us proud to be residents of Cheshire.

We cannot tell you just how meaningful it was to see the individuals and families who came to help out on Saturday, May 29, and put flags on all the veteran graves in our local cemeteries. We saw parents showing their little children how to say the name on the headstone with their hands over their hearts.  

That is what teaching honor and respect to a fallen veteran on Memorial Day is all about.

On Sunday, May 30, the Wreath Ceremony had to be cut short due to weather, yet we were able to have the placing of the wreath by Navy veterans Amy Waraksa and Emily Trudeau and the playing of “Taps” by Cheshire High School buglers, Ryan Miro and Frank Wild. Then all the veterans who signed up to be part of the motorcade proceeded to their vehicles to take part in the special event in honor of their fallen brothers and sisters. This was a way they could honor Memorial Day.

Frankly, I drove the motorcade route two days earlier and only saw random displays of flags or decor and was worried.  But our town came out, the weather be damned, and people young and old cheered and saluted (if appropriate), as this special motorcade went through town. The emails from the veterans and drivers who took part have been all positive and some quite emotional.  A veteran typically doesn’t want to be thanked on Memorial Day, they want to make sure we all remember the ultimate sacrifice made by those who served.  

All who came out to support this motorcade made this possible,  and on behalf of the 2021 Parade Committee, we can’t thank the people of Cheshire enough. 

Extra special thanks also goes out to the volunteers who helped set up our Memorial Day weekend events. Amy Waraska and Don Falk for Flags Across Cheshire; Tom Marinaro, Andrew Martelli, Kate Salerno, Sue Bieler and  Nancy Bracket for helping organize the line-up for the motorcade; the drivers who escorted many of the veterans so they could enjoy the motorcade; the Town of Cheshire, the Town Council, the Cheshire Parks & Rec department, and the Dept. of Public Works; Chief Dryfe, Officer Kristian Johnson, Sgt. Jeff Falk and the members of the Cheshire Police Department who contributed to the Motorcade organization and navigation; Chief Casner and the Cheshire Volunteer Fire Department; the Cheshire Veterans Council,  and The Cheshire Herald (their coverage was outstanding).  

Last, but not least, the Cheshire 2021 Parade Committee who work tirelessly on all these weekend events. Without all the significant contributions to our 2021 Memorial Day weekend events made by these individuals and groups, none of this would have been possible. Please know if anyone was omitted, it is not intentional and we are forever in your debt.  

And one last thank you … to the Vietnam veteran and his driving companion who showed up at the Green for the wreath ceremony, hadn’t signed up for the motorcade nor planned to participate. I don’t know your name and understood the difficulty you were having in deciding to take part in the Motorcade. I hope you did jump in the vehicle line-up (I think you did). The show of support from our townspeople to honor our veterans as they honor Memorial Day was something to be proud of — I sincerely hope this helped you know how much we all care.


Leslie Marinaro

2021 Parade Committee

Veterans Council

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