Make Sure To Guard Against Car Thefts

Make Sure To Guard Against Car Thefts

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Have you seen the signs? Over the past few weeks you might have noticed the “Lock your car, Take your keys, and Remove your belongings,” signs around town. These are part of the Cheshire Public Safety Commission’s public service campaign to help town residents prevent car break-ins and theft.

This comes as a result of an almost 300% increase in Cheshire car thefts and break-ins for the year-to-date period — August 2020 vs. August 2019. Many of those cars were left unlocked and several were not just unlocked, but had the keys and/or garage door opener still in the car.

The Commission truly hopes that the sign campaign will remind people to be more diligent in protecting their vehicles from theft and/or vandalism. “Don’t Be a Victim”

I want to thank Don Walsh and his wonderful, young group of Lights of Hope volunteers who worked diligently to place the signs around the town. Their efforts and sense of community were very much appreciated.


Frank M. Loehmann Jr.


Public Safety Commission

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