Local Voter Disappointed In Fishbein Vote On Insulin Caps

Local Voter Disappointed In Fishbein Vote On Insulin Caps

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I’m endorsing Jim Jinks for the 90th District.

Rep. Craig Fishbein does not represent me or my family. In the recent house vote, Fishbein was only one of four legislators who voted no against the bill supporting price caps for insulin and diabetes supplies.

As the mother of a son with Type 1 diabetes, I can personally attest that caring for diabetes costs thousands of dollars a year. Insulin pumps must be replaced every four years at a cost of at least $6,000 and that does not include the ongoing cost of blood sugar testing supplies, insulin, pump supplies and lifesaving glucagon. Drug companies have increased the price of insulin exponentially over the past few years, even though the drug itself is decades old.

I do not understand how Mr. Fishbein could vote against such a bill without consulting his constituents.

I also want to thank Representative Liz Linehan for her cosponsoring this bill.

I will be voting for Jim Jinks in November since he understands the importance of speaking with his constituents and understanding our needs.


Nicole Miller


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