Letter Misses Target On Housing Opposition

Letter Misses Target On Housing Opposition

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I would like to thank Eric Brushett for his letter about diversity and acceptance. I am particularly grateful for two things: a lecture from a stranger is always appreciated, and the reminder he gave me about something I learned taking law school exams.

The lesson from law school is that no one cares what you think, they only care about facts that you have evidence of or an authority for. I don’t see either of those things in his letter.

Mr. Brushett projects his feelings of guilt on the opponents of the affordable housing being built in town. “If we are honest, we fear racial diversity.” Maybe he does, but I don’t.

Mr. Brushett also presumes that the residents of those affordable housing units are going to be Black. That is a racist presumption. The presumption I make is that I must love my neighbor — all of them — not just the ones who look or think like me, or who vote as I do or worship in my faith. All of them.

I believe Mr. Brushett is a good person. I admire him for taking the time to publicly share his thoughts and I admire his intention to show leadership on important issues in our society. I have not met him, but if he is reading this I invite him to meet me so that he can learn what is in my heart, and in meeting me maybe he will learn to have a more charitable view of his neighbors.


David Nastri


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