Jan. 6 Committee Doing Important Work

Jan. 6 Committee Doing Important Work

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Reading Mr. Robert West’s letter printed in this newspaper on January 20, referring to the insurrection of January 6, 2021, we find most of his language very concerning.

He refers to the workings of the committee seeking answers as to how this transgression took place as the “banality of all this political absurdity” and that Jan. 6th was a “national day of hysteria” and that “fascism is at work in America.” Does he really think this gathering of people who broke into the Capitol, smashing and desecrating its hallowed halls and attacking police officers was just a bunch of boys having fun?

Perhaps he has not watched the extensive video footage of that day in all its violent detail, or listened to the harrowing testimony of the police officers who were attacked. What is unconstitutional about demanding that these people be held accountable for their actions on that day?

We also, along with the members of the committee, would like to know whether they acted on their own accord or were “encouraged” to do so by others with clear political agendas.

So, no, we don’t see this inquiry as part of the march of fascism, but we are very concerned that this label could easily be applied to those who wish to delegitimize this administration by any means possible. Furthermore, these appear to be the very same people who, in their previous attempts at governing, displayed many of the attributes of autocracy.


Anthony and
Isla Alexander



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