Incivility Not The Way To Enact Change

Incivility Not The Way To Enact Change

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


The recent public display of incivility and disrespect at the Education Roundtable hosted at Highland School was an embarrassment for all of Cheshire.

The “protesters”’ bullying and disruptive behavior reflects poorly on their understanding of individual responsibility in modern society. We would hope that you could demonstrate to your children that the proper way to influence social change is through informed, respectful dialogue with your fellow citizens. Being the loudest voice in the room, badgering speakers and guests, using coarse language and vulgarities to make your point rarely works well.

Making changes to current Administration policies is a process that calls for “We the People” (the enfranchised members of the electorate) to forward our concerns in a respectful way through our representatives. Ned Lamont was elected by almost 700,000 Connecticut voters in 2018. Shouting down and slinging insults at the State’s Chief Executive reflects poorly on you, and demonstrates your disregard for the opinions of the majority of your fellow citizens.

We would urge the individuals that behaved poorly to reflect on how they could have better conducted themselves. Please offer an apology to The Governor, the residents of Cheshire, and any other individuals you may have intimidated, insulted or disrespected. Hoping we can all keep working together to help our Democracy continue to thrive, while promoting the general Welfare of all 330 million Americans.


Ben and 
Catherine Mattheis


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