Incident An Embarrassment For Cheshire

Incident An Embarrassment For Cheshire

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I have been a proud citizen of Cheshire for over four decades, and today is the first time I am ashamed of my town.  The video of Cheshire parents, including a member of the Republican Town Committee, cursing the Governor and assaulting his State Police bodyguard will leave a permanent stain on our reputation as a good place to live.

And just what were these parents protesting? The Governor has temporarily mandated wearing masks in schools to protect their children, and their children’s classmates and teachers from a deadly virus. Seriously?

Do they think it violates their rights to be required to stop at a red light? Do they insist that their children not wear seatbelts in the car or helmets while biking? Do they object to the other dress codes that are common in our schools? Probably not, but wearing a mask is somehow too much to ask of their children.

If they are so determined to put their own children at risk, they should take them out of our schools so they don’t endanger ours!


Martin E. Cobern


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