Helping Ensure An Education For All Young Women

Helping Ensure An Education For All Young Women

 Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Here locally in Cheshire, education is a top priority for many people. It is the main point that draws in young families to the town and the public school system has been highly ranked both across the state of Connecticut and across the entire country.

Having gone through the school system myself, I can attest to its efficiency and to how well prepared I felt to face the next stage of my life, specifically in terms of continuing my education. It is easy to take for granted the extremely high graduation rate at this school with it being at 99%. Even nationally, this is a very high graduation rate, and it is one the town should be proud of.

However, in our celebration we must not forget that these opportunities do not present themselves to many people globally. Across the world, 132 million girls are not enrolled in school, and 743 million girls have seen disruption in their education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Girls ages 10-19 are three times more likely than boys to be kept out of school, particularly in countries affected by conflict. Moreover, when girls reach adolescence, they are at a high risk of dropping out due to forced marriage, pregnancy, or family pressure.

There is a proposal in the national legislature to provide aid to countries facing these educational inequities. The Keeping Girls in School Act empowers girls around the globe by increasing educational opportunities and economic security. As residents of Connecticut, an effective course of action to help is to advocate for our representatives to support this bill. While these are not necessarily the issues we are seeing close to home, it is important for anyone who has been given the amazing opportunity to have such a great education to understand the harsh reality of a lot of less fortunate people, specifically young women, and girls.


Katherine Ardesia

The Borgen Project


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