Fishbein Out Of Touch When It Comes To Climate

Fishbein Out Of Touch When It Comes To Climate

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Recently, Representative Craig Fishbein (R-90) sent out a constituent email extolling his opposition to SB 884— An Act Reducing Transportation–Related Carbon Emissions.  Artfully, Mr. Fishbein never uses the proper name of the legislation in the email, calling it simply a “gas tax.” He urged all of us as his constituents to join him in his opposition.

Mr. Fishbein, you may want to scare your constituents by avoiding the real ideas of this legislation, but what is truly scary is your inability to look to and govern for the future.

Climate change is here. It is not the problem of the next generation, but our problem now and today. The legislation that you so vocally oppose creates a program of cap and invest—cap emissions and invest in new clean energy technology. This bill is supported by the Connecticut chapter of the American Lung Association given its ability to reduce pollutants and related lung disease. If you oppose this bill, Mr. Fishbein, are you in favor of continued human health impacts from air pollution?

Much like everything in life, this bill will cost money, but not making investments now means not only greater costs, but greater climate-related impacts in the near future.  You are clearly out of touch, Mr. Fishbein, with the local, state and regional needs for a better 21st Century.


Jennifer Dillon


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