Critical Race Theory Benefits No One

Critical Race Theory Benefits No One

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


As critical race theory comes barreling into our schools, I’d like to share with readers the pain this has caused at my alma mater, Smith College, yielding outcomes notable enough to have been covered by the New York Times (2/24/21), a good source for more information.

In the summer of 2018, a Black Smith student made the mistake of eating in a dorm reserved for younger students engaged in a special program at Smith. The cafeteria worker who served the young woman reminded her that she should be eating elsewhere, but served her, nonetheless. Then a custodian, noticing that she didn’t fit in with the younger students, followed protocol by calling security.

The young woman filmed her conversation with security, returned to her dorm room and posted about her upsetting afternoon.

Soon after, other “Smithies” added their posts, critical of the campus employees who had interacted with the young woman and even made insulting comments directly to those employees. The college president’s solution was to call for more critical race theory training.

When all was said and done, the cafeteria worker’s lupus was exacerbated to such a degree that she was hospitalized. Due to a case of mistaken identity, two custodians’ lives were negatively affected. Another staff member, Jodi Shaw, made some eloquent and courageous videos before also resigning. All these victims are white.

Bottom line — CRT is divisive, benefiting no one, and we can ill afford it now. I believe Martin Luther King, Jr. had it right: Focus on character, not skin color.


Jane Bate


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