Children Need Modern Schools To Learn

Children Need Modern Schools To Learn

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


The importance of modernizing our elementary schools not only attracts young families to our area but also adds to the success of our students. Learning in an environment that is cared for and not falling apart or not having a enough room, reflects in the children’s success.

Imagine the comparison of a young child learning in a well-cared-for and up-to-date classroom versus a child having to walk outside of their school and into a trailer to learn. One can only imagine how their outcomes could differ.

When my daughter walks to Norton in the future, I want her to be able to have pride in and success at the building she is entering. I want there to be enough room within the building to contain the entire school population and not need to exile any grade or classes outside in a trailer.

If we invest now, the future of our community will only become stronger and highlighted to the state as one of the best communities for learning and caring for their students. Please vote yes for our children and community’s future.


Bailey Sicbaldi



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