Cheshire Should Approve Cannabis Retailers

Cheshire Should Approve Cannabis Retailers

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


I hope Cheshire’s Planning and Zoning Commission will vote to allow cannabis retail stores in town. Since it is legalized, it should be regulated like liquor stores.

While there are some health risks to those who abuse or mishandle it (just like liquor), anyone young or old can and will find a way to get it in a nearby town. An expectant mother should not use it … just as she should not use alcohol during pregnancy.

As a 77-year-old who has lived in Indiana, Texas and Connecticut twice and has three adult children and three grandchildren, I have heard all the arguments against cannabis/pot since I was in college. I have known those who have used it as recreational and as medicinal with no long-lasting effects.

I have no dog in this hunt and do not expect to be a customer of such a product but see no good reason not to have Cheshire have such stores with regulation. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the May 8 meeting or I would express my viewpoint in person.


John Connell



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