CCDA Looking To Help In Area Of Health Care

CCDA Looking To Help In Area Of Health Care

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


As people age, healthcare quickly becomes one of the most important keys to a healthy and fruitful life. However, government programs like Medicare contain countless intricacies and loopholes that make it very difficult for recipients to access all of its benefits.

This is especially true for those who perhaps do not speak English as their first language, and could have a much harder time unlocking the full potential of such an extensive program.

This is one of the issues that the Cheshire Cultural Diversity Association (CCDA) tries to fix. The nonprofit organization was established last year by a group of volunteers with a mission to empower people of diverse groups to improve their wellbeing. It has offered five free Zoom meetings so far, dedicated to making topics such as Medicare easy to understand for a variety of people. These meetings feature live translations to languages such as Chinese, as well as advice from professionals from within the field, such as coordinators from the Western Connecticut Area Agency on Aging.

But it isn’t just Medicare topics that the CCDA is looking to cover. It has begun collaborations with the nonprofit United Way, spreading information such as using the 211 number to receive assistance. As the pandemic hopefully finally reaches a close, the action-driven organization plans to host in-person community events, further embracing diversity in the community and encouraging interactions among diverse cultural groups in Cheshire and its surrounding areas.

Everyone is welcome to reach out and participate in the CCDA events. Whatever the future may hold for this young organization, it is certain that we will hear from it again soon, and the diverse cultural and educational events it organizes will help people in need and enrich our society.


Austin Hewu



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