Bills Passed Last Session A Positive For Connecticut

Bills Passed Last Session A Positive For Connecticut

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


On July 15, I attended a ‘town hall” meeting led by three Republican state legislators — Craig Fishbein, Lezlye Zupkus, and Rob Sampson. They were quite negative in their comments regarding the Lamont administration and bills passed by the General Assembly. Many in the audience agreed with these comments. However, I would like to point out to these legislators that they most certainly do not represent my views.

Although some bills that I supported did not get passed in the session just ended, there were many that did pass for which I am grateful, as these bills improve lives for Connecticut residents and respond positively to ongoing challenges for our state. For instance, employers will be required to provide equal pay for “comparable,” rather than equal work. Employers will also provide job applicants and employees with the wage range for their positions. It will be illegal to discriminate based on a person’s hair texture or hairstyle in employment, housing, union membership, and state agency practices.

A new law “declares racism as a public health crisis and creates a “Commission on Racial Equity in Public Health.”

Another new law eliminates the state’s religious exemption from immunization requirements for individuals attending public and private schools including higher education institutions and child care centers. The Uniform Parentage Act provides for equal treatment for children born to same sex couples and expands recognition of non-biological parents. Baby Bonds and the earned income tax credit will help low income families. Changes in addressing domestic violence and coercive control will provide victims easier access to assistance programs.

These legislative measures are just a few of the many bills passed that will improve and enhance and make safer the lives of our state residents. Sincere thanks to Liz Linehan and Mary Abrams and their Democratic colleagues in the General Assembly for their persistence in advocacy for the public good.


Judith Slisz


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