Another Successful Year For Holiday Door Contest

Another Successful Year For Holiday Door Contest

Editor, The Cheshire Herald:


Numerous Cheshire residents participated in the Cheshire Garden Club’s 68th Annual Holiday Door Decorating Contest by entering their family’s or friend’s outdoor holiday display.

Our Club was faced with a daunting task of determining the winner in each of the six categories offered since the displays were just ever so artistic and creative and unique. Judging took place during daylight hours and involved traveling to all corners of our town. Once the winners were notified, the owners were interviewed for a bit of background information, then a photo was taken with them amidst their lovely decorations and a short narrative composed for each display. At that time, the runners-up were also notified.

Our thanks are extended to all those residents who entered our contest in one of these categories:  Front Door; Entire Front; Vintage Home; Youth Motif; Public/Business; and Garden Club Member.

The publicity The Cheshire Herald afforded us was most welcome, with a full-page display of the winning photos and captions in their December 29, 2022 E-edition and their printed newspaper, and their website featured a full-color photo of each of the six winners with accompanying caption as a welcome surprise starting with the New Year 2023.

On behalf of the Cheshire Garden Club, we extend our appreciation for the impressive publicity coverage provided to us.


Inge Venus


Ginni Donovan


Cheshire Garden Club


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