Zupkus: Still Several Proposals Worth Keeping Eye On

Zupkus: Still Several Proposals Worth Keeping Eye On

Each long session, we hit a “lull” in its midpoint as committee business has mostly concluded and session days are not yet regularly held. While the frenzy of public hearings and committee debate has died down, it is still important to stay diligent on some key proposals that may still receive legislative action.

Let us not forget that there is an active proposal by the Governor that includes a provision to levy a tax on trucking companies based on miles traveled in the state. According to the Motor Transport Association of CT, this tax would disproportionately impact smaller local trucking companies such as Bozzuto’s of Cheshire (estimated $1.3M annual tax). This proposed tax increase would inevitably be passed down to residents, increasing the costs for necessary goods and services—estimates include $500 a year on groceries alone. Within that same proposal, there is another section that seeks to revoke a $1 million tax exemption for ambulatory surgery centers, which is only one of many proposals out there that would increase the costs of healthcare services and insurance premiums for patients looking for a low-cost option.

But in a contradictory policy maneuver, there is a proposal still in the legislative pipeline that looks to create a new child tax credit of $600 per child for up to three children. So on the one hand, the majority is offering a tax cut to families who need it. But on the other hand, they are creating tax policy that in practice will increase costs to healthcare and basic needs of those same people.

In this instance, can we say we are aiding these families and pushing towards a post-pandemic economic recovery? Or simply harming local industry and adding cost? Won’t the money just come out of the other pocket?

Other important and controversial proposals such as creating a public option for healthcare (costing $50 million), the legalization and commercialization of marijuana with its associated health costs, and changes to local zoning control that could to take away a town’s zoning self-determination, are all still on the table as well. To stay updated, visit my website at www.RepZupkus.com or follow me on Facebook @RepZupkus.


State Rep. Lezlye Zupkus

89th District—Bethany, Cheshire and Prospect


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