Solan: Teacher Appreciation Week Comes At Perfect Time

Solan: Teacher Appreciation Week Comes At Perfect Time

Dear Cheshire Community,

Monday marked the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week. However, this year, it seems that an appreciation month would be more fitting.


Canadian author Robin Sharma once said, “Leadership is not about a title or designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.” The impact, influence, and inspiration our teachers have had on our students and community this school year and throughout the pandemic has been immeasurable.


Their leadership has meant that our students have received a safe and unparalleled education. Teachers were the shelter that our students needed to move forward academically and emotionally. They have worked harder than anyone had the right to ask to make this year feel as normal as possible for our students so they could concentrate on learning.


As Superintendent, I am humbled to speak on behalf of our community when I say thank you!

There can be no doubt that teachers have been incredible leaders for our students, but I also want to acknowledge the fortitude shown by all of our union presidents. There were many points of consternation throughout the year where they were called upon to collaborate with administration to solve unique problems. Every member of each union was critical in maintaining a safe in-person learning experience.


Finally, I have to recognize our nurses once again. They have handled more challenges in one year than a typical career. They never wavered in doing what was necessary to maintain a healthy school environment.

Finally, I need to thank all of our parents, students, Board of Education, and community members for showing our teachers such appreciation this week. Collectively we comprise a special team that makes a positive difference for our students every day.


Jeffrey Solan

Superintendent of Schools

Cheshire School District

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