Talmadge Road Subdivision Gains Approval

Talmadge Road Subdivision Gains Approval

A proposed subdivision off of Talmadge Road in Cheshire was recently passed by the Planning and Zoning Commission, setting the stage for the small development project to move forward.

The plans were presented by Ryan MacAvoy from the engineering firm of Milone & MacBroom, who was representing his client, Frank Longo, at the meeting. 

“This application is for a two-lot subdivision on a 2.3-acre lot that is at the corner of Talmadge Road and Wallingford Road,” he explained. “The lot currently has one existing house and pool, and it is served by a private well and subsurface disposal system, and most of the property is a lawn right now.”

According to MacAvoy, his client is looking to cut off the existing home lot at an acre, and add an additional lot to the second acre. The additional lot will be served by public water and a septic system.

“This is really as simple as it looks,” MacAvoy said. “We’ve demonstrated feasibility of how the septic system could be built, we’ve shown where the house could go, we’ve shown how drainage can be handled … and we plan to make all adjustments recommended by the Town Engineering Department.”

“There will be no tree clearing involved … no real earthwork involved either,” he added. 

Commissioner Louis Todisco complimented the applicant on the straightforward proposal, and added that the new lawn would look “very nice.” Chairman Earl Kurtz III agreed, stating that he was in favor of the application.

The motion passed unanimously.

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