Retuya Second Place In KOC Competition

Retuya Second Place In KOC Competition

Chloe Retuya, current grade 8 student at St. Bridget School, was selected as a second place winner in the 2020-2021 Knights of Columbus International Keep Christ in Christmas Poster Contest.

Originally, Chloe was one of two St. Bridget students to win at the state level, and then went on to become second place winner at the International level. Dr. Nancy Testa, principal at St. Bridget School, and all of Chloe’s teachers are so proud of her accomplishments.

Testa shares that “Chloe Retuya is an extraordinary young woman of many talents. Her academic achievement and perseverance are to be commended; she excels in all academic areas and extracurricular activities. There is no doubt that she will be successful in all of her future endeavors. St. Bridget School has been blessed to have Chloe as a student since Pre-K and would proudly send her off to Sacred Heart Academy with blessings where we are confident she will continue to excel and flourish.”

The school thanked the Knights of Columbus for giving students the ability to celebrate their faith through their extraordinary talents.

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