Photos: Shopping Spree

Photos: Shopping Spree

Shopping isn’t supposed to be a competition … unless it’s for a good cause.

On Sunday, Jan. 29, students from Cheshire High School participated in the Supermarket Challenge in order to benefit the Cheshire Food Pantry. Held at the Shop-Rite in Southington, 18 teams of student worked together to gather items during timed events, dashing from one aisle to the next to collect their food. The team that finished closest to the $100 limit won. All items collected were then donated to the Pantry—totaling approximately 2,000 pounds. 

The event was organized by the Peer Health Group, as well as faculty such as Dan Lee and Mary Flood. Student organizers included Gabby Tirado, Jack Watson, and Michael Simeone.

Left: Student athletes from Cheshire High School participated in the Supermarket Challenge at the Shop Rite in Southington.

Below: CHS Track members (from left) Liam Harkins, Marius Ciubotaru, Michael DeJoseph, Connor Michaud and Gavin Martin were all participants during the Supermarket Challenge.

Bottom left: Gabby Tirado went all-out to get items for the Food Pantry.

Bottom right: Participants eagerly awaited the “Go” sign from organizers of the Supermarket Challenge on Sunday, Jan. 29.

Photos by Tracey Harrington/Cheshire Herald


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