Photos: Principal Finds Himself In Sticky Situation

Photos: Principal Finds Himself In Sticky Situation

If you happened to stop by Dodd Middle School on Friday, March 26, you might have seen a new piece of “art” hanging from the wall. But unlike a picture in a frame or a painting on canvas, this display was talking almost the entire time.

Sponsored by the Dodd PTA, students had the chance to duct tape Principal Michael Woods to the wall at the school, suspending him in the air with red-and white-colored tape. The event was live streamed so that students remote learning, and parents curious to see the “action,” could view everything live as it was happening.

The event was a light-hearted activity designed to interject a bit of fun into the school day. Students and some faculty all took turns adding tape until, in the end, Woods was covered head-to-toe. Eventually, students and faculty released Woods, who didn’t seem too worse for the wear.

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