PZC Approves New Jarvis Street Subdivision

PZC Approves New Jarvis Street Subdivision

Jarvis Street will be getting a few new tenants in the near future, after plans for a four-lot subdivision were approved at the May 24 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The subdivision, which received unanimous support from the Commission, will be located at 813 Jarvis St. and will be called “Brewerton Estates.” 

Engineer Ryan Thompson, representing the applicant PABCO Inc., explained the details of the proposed development back in April when it was first introduced. 

“The area is a 9.5-acre lot located near the intersection of Jarvis Street and Moss Farm Road,” he explained. “… The property has steep terrain with a large hill in the center, which will be the most challenging part of the property (in terms of development).”

According to the plans, “Lot 1” will incorporate two acres, “Lot 2” will be 1.62 acres, “Lot 3” will be 1.91 acres, and “Lot 4” will be 2.88 acres. 

With a complicated excavation necessary to address the large hill in the center of the property, Commissioner Louis Todisco raised concerns about trucks and other large equipment moving in and out of the area — a concern echoed by several of his fellow Commissioners. 

“How many trucks will be going in and out of the area while they are clearing it?” Todisco asked Thompson. 

“It will be about 40,000 yards of cubic fill, but the timeline is relatively uncertain because of the developer’s plans and the truck sizes, but it could be about two to three trucks per hour,” he answered.

“My main concern about the trucks is about the hours of operation and that we know there are kids who live in the area. It could be a potential problem,” said Commissioner Jeff Natale.

“The applicant has agreed to be flexible about the hours that the crews will be working and will be mindful about working around school bus hours,” Thompson assured.

It was determined that a proper plan should be put in place to address any concerns about such traffic moving in and out of the area during development.

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