Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease By Following The ABC’s

Lower Your Risk Of Heart Disease By Following The ABC’s

During the pandemic, there’s been an obvious emphasis on making sure people stay healthy. But keeping in the best physical condition isn’t just about keeping safe from COVID-19. It’s also about making sure your overall health stays where it needs to be.

As such, Chesprocott Health District is offering these tips for ensuring that your heart is beating the way it should be, including regularly monitoring your blood pressure, with support from your health care team, to help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. You can check your blood pressure at the doctor’s office, at a pharmacy, or even at home. You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease.

Here are some tips to lower your risk

■Watch your weight

■Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke

■Control your cholesterol and blood pressure

■If you drink alcohol, only drink in moderation

Learn the ABC’s to manage your heart health. Keep them in mind everyday:

■A: Appropriate aspirin therapy for those who need it.

■B: Blood pressure control.

■C: Cholesterol management.

■S: Smoking cessation.

■Get active and eat healthy.

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