New Business Offers Customers A Wonderland Of Tea

New Business Offers Customers A Wonderland Of Tea

The holiday season is officially upon us, and many Cheshire residents may be looking for local businesses to help them cross items off their gift lists. One new local company is utilizing the efficiency of the internet and word of mouth to get their venture off the ground. 

Wonderland Tea Company was started by two colleagues and caffeine lovers, Josh Liposky and Jerry Piscitelli, during this past summer. The two hatched the idea over lunch at the local Italian restaurant — Bella’Gio.

“We had worked together on other projects before,” mentioned Piscitelli. “We both love tea and, unbeknownst to us, we were both pretty big fans of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ when we were kids, and the theme just fits in with the town, too.”

The names of the varying teas and blends all have “Alice in Wonderland” themes, such as “Tea Time With Alice” Earl Grey and “The Jabberwocky” matcha, “The Knave of Apple Spice” black tea, “Mad Hatter’s Blend” yerba mate, and “The White Rabbits Tea” white tea. 

“We are still trying to come up with a perfect, signature ‘Cheshire Cat’ blend,” said Liposky. “We know it has to be perfect and we just haven’t gotten it right yet.”

The Wonderland Tea Company opened for business in the beginning of October, and since then they have already released a tea-themed blog, a tea newsletter, and something called “Tea 101”; which aims to inform customers of all the health and life benefits of consuming tea, as well as answer any questions customers may have.

“We really want to create a product that people will love,” mentioned Liposky. “We want our blog and information services to really help inform our customers on tea and the health benefits of drinking it.”

The Wonderland Tea Company currently offers five different loose-leaf teas, ranging from white teas to black, and three different combination packages, which bundle two different teas for a discounted price. They also offer two teapot-shaped tea infusers, which are used to keep loose-leaf tea contained for brewing by the cup. 

Currently, The Wonderland Tea Company is only an online retailer, but Liposky and Piscitelli have plans to expand in the future.

“We wanted to start off as an online retailer at first and build customer trust,” explained Piscitelli. “We do have plans to have a brick and mortar store eventually, although we’ve gotten so much feedback lately that customers want a physical store to go to. Anything is possible.”

Piscitelli also mentioned that he and Liposky have their sights set on selling different “teaware,” such as mugs and kettles, along with building a larger recipe variety of tea and tea blends. Check out The Wonderland Tea Company at

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