First Up For Sustainable Cheshire? Composting

First Up For Sustainable Cheshire? Composting

When the Coalition for Sustainable Cheshire presented their vision to the Town Council last year, the members of the newly-formed group knew they had a lot of work to do in order to get themselves in a position to help create a sustainable town.

The Council was asked to not only adopt the Sustainable CT standards, but also appoint a team of individuals who could serve as a go-between for the Council and the Coalition during important projects and or when decisions had to be made. 

Now that the sustainability team has officially been appointed by the Town Council — the announcement was made at the meeting on July 14 — the Coalition for Sustainable Cheshire can focus on its first, town-wide project; composting.

According to one of the co-chairs of the Coalition, Fiona Pearson, the composting project is going to be influential for many. 

“We have a compost task force that is currently in the process of purchasing different compost bins for organizations and a variety of municipal buildings,” Pearson explained. “The fundraiser is going to start at the beginning of August, and we are going to be doing raffles for the compost bins!”

Ideally, the Coalition hopes to bring more awareness to the benefits of composting in a community, and how composting can help the entire state move forward in a more sustainable way.

Composting is a really amazing thing,” Pearson said. “We have bins and pails available, and you just put in your food scraps and vegetable matter in the bins, and you might need to add dirt or leaves. The bottom of the bins are removed in order to provide access for the earthworms to get in there and work their magic.”

According to Pearson, once the worms process the compost there is a latched door to remove any soil that can then be used for gardening and other projects. Ideally, Pearson and the Coalition would like to see Cheshire businesses and town facilities utilizing the program. 

“Our main goal is to get the word out there and hopefully have some of the big businesses in Cheshire participate if they can,” she continued.

While the fundraiser will be fully announced at the beginning of next month, Pearson and the rest of the Coalition are excited to be hitting the ground running on a new project. 

“We are really excited to look beyond the pandemic and see what we can really get done now that we have the ability to do so,” she added. “We’re excited to get this done and have people working towards a common goal.”

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