Fire Crews Quickly Extinguish House Fire On Fernwood Lane

Fire Crews Quickly Extinguish House Fire On Fernwood Lane

Firefighters on Sunday, Aug. 1, were able to quickly extinguish what was initially reported as a small exterior fire to a two-story home on Fernwood Lane. 

However, damage caused by the fire at 44 Fernwood Lane was still significant, due to the overhaul needed to ensure no hidden fire extensions or hotspots after firefighters had extinguished the visible flames. 

Firefighters received a call reporting the fire from the owner of the residence around 12:20 p.m. Sunday. At the time the fire was reported, the home, located on a narrow street off South Brooksvale Road, had been occupied by a male and a female, said Fire Chief Jack Casner. Neither was injured. 

Casner said around two dozen firefighters had responded to the scene. One of them was treated on scene for heat exhaustion suffered during firefighting efforts. Casner said no other injuries were reported. 

Casner estimated firefighters had the fire under control within 30 minutes of responding. 

Fire crews from Prospect assisted in the response, providing station coverage, during the firefighting efforts. 

As of early Sunday evening, the cause of the fire was still being investigated by the town fire marshal. 

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