Community Tag Sale Offers Perfect Time To Purge, Organizer States

Community Tag Sale Offers Perfect Time To Purge, Organizer States

Throughout the pandemic, Cheshire residents have been spending a lot of time indoors. For some, it may have even inspired them to clean their homes or purge any excess clutter.

Tag sales have long been one of the best ways to not only clean out one’s household, but also make a little money on the side. And for those who like to frequent tag sales, there’s always the chance of finding a few rare valuables in the process. 

One Cheshire resident is hoping to take the newly-found desire to purge and the love of tag sales and combine them into a town-wide event.

“I used to love tag sales and I know this time of year is the perfect time for them,” said Joann Monroe. “This pandemic has made a lot of people more aware of the stuff they have around their house and that they might want to get rid of it.”

Monroe began circulating the idea of a coordinated local tag sale on social media, so that residents could attend several in one day. She created a flier on Facebook for a Cheshire Town Wide Tag Sale on March 30 and set the date for Saturday, May 1. Once she posted the idea online, she started getting support and interest from residents almost immediately. 

“I know a lot of other surrounding towns do something similar to a town-wide tag sale, and I thought we should get on that as well,” Monroe said. “Especially after the year we had, people are itching to get out.”

Monroe compiled a spreadsheet with information for over 60 Cheshire residents who expressed interest in her posting and who are willing to participate in the town-wide event. She even went to the Cheshire Chamber of Commerce to get a map of Cheshire so she could divide her list into four quadrants — northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest.

“Some addresses are whole neighborhoods who are getting together, others are just individual sellers. Some (will be) all day and others only there for the morning,” she explained. “The funniest part is, I’m not even having a tag sale that day!”

While Monroe will not be selling, she believes this will be a great opportunity for residents to get out of the house after a long winter of being stuck indoors, all while remaining socially distant. 

“Of course, people will need to wear masks and respect the rules, but I think this will be an awesome town-wide thing that hopefully will continue on well after this,” she said. “I also made sure to tell people not to price their items too high. You don’t have a tag sale just to make money.”

Monroe suggested that residents charge around $5 for most of their goods, with the exception of furniture and other large items. She has even made a deal with a local resident who has agreed to pick up any unpurchased items at the end of the day, after the event is complete.

“He said he would come around and pick up whatever was unwanted and donate it, which I think just goes to show the kind of community we have here,” Monroe concluded.

The event is planned for all day on Saturday, May 1. Rain date is Sunday, May 2.

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