Cheshire Back In The Yellow For COVID Cases

Cheshire Back In The Yellow For COVID Cases

Cheshire has finally turned a corner regarding COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations.

At the Town Council meeting held on Oct. 12, Chesprocott Health Director Maura Esposito announced that infection rates are finally slowing down in Cheshire.

“I am so proud to say that I represent Cheshire,” she began. “Cheshire has been doing such a great job these past two weeks. … For the past two weeks, Cheshire has been in the yellow.”

The “yellow” category means that, for the past two weeks, there have been between five and nine positive cases of the virus per 100,000 people. 

“We were at 6.4 cases last week, and this week we’re at 5.2, so I want to give you all a great big applause,” she continued. “Just knowing that line is coming down, I feel very encouraged. Cheshire has had 2,656 cases, and I am very saddened to report that we have had 56 deaths (throughout the pandemic).”

Esposito went on to explain that, while she doesn’t have a lot of information regarding the new death toll, she does know that the number includes one woman who was 91 years old, and another was a 59 year old woman. 

“The CDC has reported that throughout the whole United States, cases have been 15% down, and so are hospitalizations,” she added. “Those vaccinations have been really working really well. Our vaccinations have been slow and steady. Cheshire has, generally, in the past month, had about a 2% increase (in vaccinations) among the ages 12 to 44. … We will get there eventually.”

Esposito explained that Chesprocott has been holding vaccine clinics since the vaccines first became available, and that the majority of vaccinations given out have been Moderna. 

“Hopefully, the FDA will approve the booster shot for the Moderna vaccine soon and we can start getting those doses out as well,” Esposito added. 

In preparation for the FDA to approve vaccinations for younger children, Esposito has been meeting with Superintendent of Schools Jeff Solan to hammer out details so that they can administer vaccines in schools.

“The logistics are still pending, but we would like to offer a vaccine clinic in a school that utilizes classrooms, very similar to little kids going into the doctor’s office,” she said. “The Cheshire Public Schools did survey the kids on my behalf, just trying to figure out numbers, and we have over 600 kids right now whose parents have said their children will be getting the vaccine.”

Esposito ended her COVID-19 update with a plea to get the flu vaccination, which residents can sign up for on the Chesprocott website at or by calling Chesprocott at (203) 272-2761.

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