Bozzutos Looking To Hire

Bozzutos Looking To Hire

Bozzuto’s, Inc., a total service grocery wholesale distribution center, is currently operating 24/7 to meet the unprecedented demand of essential goods and critical supply items for retailers from Maine to Maryland. We are looking to the communities we serve, especially those in Connecticut, for labor.

Additional CDL drivers, diesel technicians, owner operators and warehouse selectors are needed immediately. We expect to continue to see ongoing unprecedented demand and are looking to fill full-time and part-time positions on a short and long term basis. Essential goods and critical supply items currently limited or unattainable at the retail level are becoming available through the distribution channel in greater numbers and at greater speed.

“Our thoughts are with those currently diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus. As a grocery distribution business, we understand the global and local impact the COVID-19 event is having with the supply chain,” said Michael A. Bozzuto, president & CEO of Bozzuto’s, Inc. “With the recent restriction pertaining to restaurant dining, sales at local supermarkets will double and, potentially, triple. We are working around the clock to meet the demand for service, which is at an all-time high. The need for rapid reaction will continue for the foreseeable future and Bozzuto’s stands ready to do everything possible to meet the supply demand of retailers in the communities we serve. As we work tirelessly to do so, we are looking to the very communities we serve for additional labor.”

Bozzuto’s has adopted a multifaceted action plan to ensure the overall safety and well- being of employees with routine cleaning and sanitizing of common areas and equipment.


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