Bozzuto’s Exploring Opportunity To Expand

Bozzuto’s Exploring Opportunity To Expand

Bozzuto’s Inc. plans an expansion of their business to the industrial area surrounding the I-691/Route 10 interchange.

Prior to any building taking place on the property, a text change to the section 48 Interchange Zone Regulation would be necessary.

Bozzuto’s presented their proposal to the Planning and Zoning Commission this month, and the Commission has been reviewing the proposal since.

“We would like to amend the regulation by removing the portion that says ‘storage, warehouse uses and distribution centers are prohibited except as incidental to permitted use,’” explained Attorney Anthoy Fazzone, who represents Bozzuto’s in front of the PZC. “The text change would allow for Bozzuto’s to establish their business there, and would read that ‘storage, warehouses, and distribution centers with trucking facilities incidental to the main use’ would be permitted by special permit.”

Bozzuto’s Inc. is Cheshire’s leading total service wholesale distributor, and is currently located on Schoolhouse Road. 

“Bozzuto’s is a family-owned-and-operated local business, and they’ve been practically bursting out of the seams at their current location,” added Fazzone. “The interchange was originally zoned for hotels and the like, but after the economic downturn, those businesses obviously haven’t come.”

Commissioner Rob Brucato was the first to express his concern with the zone text change, noting that some of the language seemed relatively vague.

“Can you explain to me what ‘trucking facilities’ entail? Does it include washing the trucks, storing the trucks?” he asked. 

“I did that to make sure that the PZC commissioners understand that the trucks would be located on site …” explained Fazzone. 

The PZC was expected to take up the issue again at their meeting on Jan. 20, which was past press time.

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