Blending Up A New Kind Of Business In Cheshire

Blending Up A New Kind Of Business In Cheshire

A brand-new health food business plans to open in Cheshire’s Maplecroft Plaza, and it may be just what the doctor ordered. 

Co-owners Lindsey Ryan and Jana Knight from Waterbury and Prospect, respectively, have been working diligently on opening up their new business, Blender BAR, in the popular Cheshire plaza, for the past year. 

“We wanted to be the first of our kind in an area, and be somewhere where people wanted us,” said Ryan. 

Blender BAR will be Cheshire’s very first smoothie and salad bar, which hopefully will address a growing fitness trend that has begun to take hold in many communities.

Ryan and Knight were both working professionals who shifted their life’s focus to health and wellness and, after much thought, decided that Cheshire would be the best place for them to begin their journey.

“We did look at ‘why Cheshire?’ and we think we will fit right in with all the fitness places in the area,” added Ryan. “We see that people in this town are looking for healthy options and alternatives to their lifestyle.”

“Everyone has been so kind to us already, we’re excited to open up shop here!” Knight continued. 

Blender BAR, according to Ryan, is going to be focused on providing Cheshire residents with fresh, healthy alternatives for breakfast and lunch. Their menu will include items such as fresh juices and smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal bowls, and salads, all offered to-go. Blender BAR will also offer a kids menu, in order to appeal to Cheshire’s younger crowd.

“Jana and I have worked really hard to make sure our menus can appeal to everyone of all ages,” Ryan noted. “We also understand the importance of having options for people with a variety of dietary needs, and we will have more specialized options as our menu expands.”

Ryan and Knight had originally intended on opening Blender BAR at the beginning of April but, due to the COVID-19 crisis, state shutdown, and social distancing orders, the timeline has been pushed back. 

“We do hope to open in the next few weeks with a very limited menu,” explained Ryan. “It has been stressful trying to get everything together during this time, but we have a plan. We are a mainly take-out business, but when [the COVID-19 crisis] is over we do intend on having a few tables and chairs.”

While Blender BAR is not open yet, they do have an active website that lists their menu, which customers can access by visiting

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