Rebel Interactive Group Addressing Challenges Faced By Higher Ed

Rebel Interactive Group Addressing Challenges Faced By Higher Ed

Connecticut-based digital marketing agency Rebel Interactive Group and two of its senior leaders, President and Co-Owner Allison Minutillo and Chief Strategy Officer BJ Kito, were selected to speak at the 2022 UPCEA New England Region Conference in October.

According to its website, UPCEA is the only organization in North America that focuses on the professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education enterprise. For more than 100 years, UPCEA has served most of the leading public and private colleges and universities in North America.

“The opportunity to share with conference-goers our transformative spin on breaking away from the traditional higher-ed playbook and embrace the demands of today’s students in a rebellious manner brings with it great pride,” stated Minutillo.

With higher education at an inflection point and the line between “traditional” and “nontraditional” students blurred, candidates weigh a broader set of factors when considering their options: sync v. async, in-person v. remote, degree v. certifications or badges, etc., therefore, employers have joined MOOCs for direct-path upskilling and/or OPMs to generate leads required to meet enrollment goals.

The marketplace has shifted seemingly overnight and leadership cannot ignore these trends. “Client after client, industry after industry, Rebel Interactive Group has seen firsthand the least common denominator that distinguishes those institutions that thrive and those that flounder. The lack of rebellious leadership is more prevalent in higher education than in any other industry,” states Minutillo. “With the right amount of reflection, honesty, tools, frameworks, and ah-ha moments, you can be the leader your institution needs to solve its biggest challenges.”

In direct response to the challenges the higher-ed industry faces, and in collaboration with Regis University, Rebel Interactive Group will share with conference attendees invaluable insight paired with the tools to facilitate a new level of confidence in leadership to position themselves for success, while also learning what will solve every enrollment challenge.

“Through a highly collaborative approach with our valued University clientele, we have identified real solutions for legitimate pain points within today’s higher-ed landscape. We start by putting ourselves in the shoes of the student and then dive in head first with creative, yet strategic, analytic efforts that ultimately help set ourselves apart from other digital agencies,” said Bryn Tindall, CEO and owner of Rebel.


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