Martone Enjoys Sharing Her Passion For Songwriting

Martone Enjoys Sharing Her Passion For Songwriting

Two years ago around the world, the start of the pandemic caused millions of people to feel a sense of isolation. While having more time alone with her thoughts, Cheshire native Bianca Martone used her passion for singing and song writing to pass the time.

“The pandemic was pretty difficult for a lot of people,” reflected Martone, a 2014 Cheshire High School graduate. “It (my work) helped me to feel like I could put some energy somewhere and create something for fun and get my mind off the reality around us.”

While using writing as an outlet, she was given the opportunity to share her material with the world. During the pandemic, BSM Music reached out to Martone about working together.

The company found some tracks that she had put online back in 2016.

“I was kind of surprised,” recalled Martone. “I had been thinking about working on music again. The timing was perfect in that way.”

After pondering what kind of material she wanted to put out, Martone recorded three new tracks this year. On sites like iTunes and Spotify, her first track, “Break Us,” debuted on April 15. She released a second song, “Destiny,” on June 24.

Martone’s third track, “Ready, Set, And,” will be released on Friday.

“It is exciting. I like to feel that I’m connecting with people,” explained Martone. “It is cool on Spotify that you can see where people are listening from. When I checked that out, I hadn’t heard of some of the countries who were listening to my songs.”

Earlier this year, she spent two or three days recording her material in Manhattan.

“I was nervous,” recalled Martone. “When you are going to create something and it becomes permanent, you want to do the best you can.”

She appreciated the help of her team on the production and marketing side. During recording, they discussed ideas as a group.

“It was good to have someone who can give me their opinion from working in the industry,” Martone said.

She has enjoyed the response to her work.

“My second track, “Destiny,” got 33,000 streams when it was released on Spotify,” stated Martone. “That is a lot for a new artist.”

She has experimented with different styles.

“These days, it (my music) is leaning toward more pop, but I definitely think it is unique to me and not just everything you hear on the radio,” explained Martone. “It is still nice to hear that people say they can hear it on the radio.”

As a full-time job, Martone has spent about a year working remotely in software sales for Full Story, but she is balancing that with singing.

“It is always something I can turn to,” said Martone. “It is not always as easy to talk to people about your problems, so this is a good way for me to work through things I’ve experienced.”

While only having released a select group of pieces, she writes music all the time. Martone feels that some songs come naturally, while others take a while to finish.

“I can have a melody in my head or a lyric that I work off of,” explained Martone. “Sometimes, I sit down deliberately and write something, so the process can range.”

She started writing songs at age 10, but didn’t get serious about it until she was 14. While having worked in alternative and pop styles, Martone has tried to draw things from everything she has heard.

“When I started, I thought it was so cool how Taylor Swift was writing her own music and I wanted to do that, too,” reflected Martone.

When she decided to record for the first time, Martone chose to put out eight tracks on an EP called “Alive.” For that project in 2015-16, she worked with Threshold Recording Studio in New York City.

“I was more hesitant to put out my work the first time,” recalled Martone.

She feels that this year’s breakthrough has come from her growth as an artist.

“As time goes on, you get better at your craft,” said Martone. “I’m writing about things in a different way and my music reflects that.”

She plans to record more singles in the future. In the mean time, Martone hopes to do some live performances.

“I did some (singing) in college. I was part of a band, but I’ve never performed as a solo artist,” stated Martone. “It always makes me a little nervous because you are putting yourself out there. I still like the energy of being on stage. I love live music.”

Throughout her career, she has been thankful for the support of her family and friends.

“I think they like this (recent) music,” said Martone. “That is good, because I hope I’m getting better.”


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