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Dodd Performers To “Let It Go” On Stage This Weekend

Dodd Performers To “Let It Go” On Stage This Weekend

Dodd Middle Schoolers are going to be asking audiences to “let it go” this weekend, as young thespians take to the stage to bring a Disney favorite to life.

Beginning Friday, Dodd will present “Frozen,” the tale of a young Queen, her sister, and a land of perpetual winter.

The director, Dodd Library Media Specialist Kristen Shanley, is excited about the upcoming performance, and is proud of how hard the students have worked to bring this fairytale to life.

“The group has been really great this year,” she said. “They have been super high energy and they knew all their stuff very early, which was great.”

Frozen is the story about two sisters—Ana and Elsa—who are princesses of the Kingdom of Arendelle. The sisters grow up living a sheltered life until one day, as teenagers, they are allowed to open the castle gates and welcome the public into their home. 

Unfortunately, it’s discovered that Elsa has been hiding a secret power that puts the rest of her Kingdom in danger. The story is a classic tale of the power of sisterhood, friendship, and ultimately finding true love.

“I am just so excited to get up on the stage and finally show everyone what we’ve been working on,” exclaimed eighth grader Ella Paul, who plays Ana for the evening showings. “I love the story, and the characters are people who I have always loved.”

Paul, and her friend Giuliana Geloso, who will play Elsa for the evening showings, are the two leading female characters.

While the original Disney story is animated, the Dodd performance will be enhanced by the use of a projector to show scene changes and allow the audience to feel as if they are really in the Arendelle castle.

“I just love singing ‘Let it Go’, it’s my favorite song and I just love it so much,” added Geloso, of the popular song from the movie. 

The cast and crew have been rehearsing for the show since December, and are ready for the town of Cheshire to see their performance.

The Dodd Drama Club is a close knit group of seven and eighth graders who are passionate about theater, but more importantly are incredibly supportive of one another, the members insist. 

“I know I will be really sad when it’s over,” remarked Paul. “But the Dodd community is such a nice group of people, and we are all friends, so I am grateful for that.”

The Dodd Middle School Drama department will be performing Disney’s “Frozen Jr.” this Friday and Saturday, March 13 and 14. The performance will be held in the Dodd Middle School auditorium.

The Friday performance will begin at 7 p.m. Two performances are scheduled for Saturday —one at 2 p.m. and another at 7 p.m. Ticket prices are $12 for adults, $6 for senior citizens and students.

As of now, there are no plans to cancel or postpone the performances, despite growing concerns regarding the coronavirus.


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