Best Places To Get Fresh, Summertime Sweet Treats

Best Places To Get Fresh, Summertime Sweet Treats

Sweet treats to beat the heat! With these warmer days we’ve just started to feel, there are some fun and delicious summertime desserts that should be on your radar.

Pictured at right (from top) are four to check out now:

Lewis Farms, 384 Belleview Ave., Southington

Lewis Farms is pairing two favorite summertime flavors into the whoopie pie of your dreams. The lemon and blueberry whoopie pie is so decadent and even more delicious with every bite. The consistency is more like two scones on top of each other because it is more crumbly than a traditional whoopie pie. In the center is a sweet lemon cream cheese filling and powdered sugar is dusted on the top. Enjoy these whoopie pies by the gorgeous flowers outside Lewis Farms. There are ample tables and chairs for a quick bite.

Playa Bowls, 51 Memorial Road, West Hartford

Nothing screams summertime more than some fresh fruit. Playa Bowls in West Hartford is worth the drive for these filling and healthy bowls. The bowls are cool, filled with flavor and topped with a generous amount of fresh toppings. Playa Bowls offers seven different bases including acai, pitaya, oatmeal, coconut, greens, chia and banana. One is also able to order fresh smoothies and juices including these superfoods. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet and fruity or chocolatey and rich, Playa Bowls has got you covered.

Mr. D’s, 50 North Main St., Wallingford

Whenever there was a school function and someone walked in with dirt cups, everyone went wild. Mr. D’s in Wallingford is puting a new spin on a classic childhood treat. The Dirt Worm cupcakes are everything you’ve been missing. It is a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, cookie crumbles, and sour worms on top. Not only that, but Mr. D’s can do a cake-sized version of this cupcake! There is nostalgia in every bite. In addition, Mr. D’s offers ice cream, sorbets, milkshakes, bubble tea,  and more. Don’t forget to get a bag of candy on your way out either! Mr. D’s is a great place to celebrate the summer as a family.

Edible Arrangements, 893 East Main St., Suite 2, Meriden

Edible Arrangements is not just the place to get fancy flower-shaped fruit and chocolate-covered strawberries. Edible Arrangements in Meriden also offers fresh smoothies! One is able to put fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, oats, ice and more in their smoothie. The best part is, it’s customizable. While there are options on the menu to choose from, you can essentially order any pairing of items you’d like in the smoothie. It is a fresh and delicious way to cool off in the summertime! 

Lindsay Pytel “Lunch with Linds” is an avid foodie from Meriden featuring the best eats in the Connecticut and New York area on Instagram and Facebook.


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