January 28 Is Deadline To Switch Parties Before Primaries

January 28 Is Deadline To Switch Parties Before Primaries

The Registrars of Voters would like to remind all Cheshire voters that Tuesday, Jan. 28, is the last day that an elector can switch from one party to another and be eligible to vote in an April 28 presidential preference primary.

Electors who are already registered with a political party and intend to vote in its primary do not have to take any action.

This deadline also does not apply to unaffiliated voters, who may affiliate with a party until 12 p.m. on April 27 —  the deadline for registering in person to vote in any  April 28 primaries.

There is no Election Day Registration for primaries or referenda, so if you wish to vote in a Presidential preference primary in Connecticut, you must be registered with a party before this deadline. If you have any question about your affiliation or status as an elector, call the Elections Office at (203) 271-6680.

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