Energy Commission Encourages Residents To Sign Up For Home Energy Assessment

Energy Commission Encourages Residents To Sign Up For Home Energy Assessment

The Cheshire Energy Commission recommends that all Cheshire homeowners sign up for a home energy assessment. The service is currently being offered at no cost for those who have not had one in the past three years. This is being offered for a limited time.

The assessment starts with a virtual pre-assessment, and is followed up by an in-house direct installation weatherization program to help homeowners save energy and money while making the home more comfortable. All contractors in the program are fully licensed and insured, have been vetted by Energize CT, and place a priority on safety.

Over 10% of Cheshire homes have had HES assessments completed over the past 10 years. These comprehensive assessments include:

•Blower Door guided air sealing by BPI (Building Performance Institute) trained technicians.

•HVAC duct testing and sealing. Leaky duct systems are a major energy waste that can be eliminated.

•LED lighting upgrades

•Water saving measures

•A DOE (Department of Energy) Energy Score will be calculated for the home pre- and post assessment.

After completing the assessment, the homeowner will be eligible for substantial rebates on insulation, windows, and heat pumps. The rebate amounts have been increased substantially to enable the program to recover from lack of activity caused by the virus pandemic that occurred earlier in the year.

Financing that is payable on your utility bill is available. Find out all the details at

For residents who would like additional support and want to make sure they are taking full advantage of the energy efficiency resource out there, the Cheshire Energy Commission recommends the I ♥ My Home CT program. I ♥ My Home CT will provide personalized, one-on-one coaching at no cost for people seeking home improvements and saving money. We will work with local non-profits to guide you, step by step, through the process of identifying your individual needs, accessing resources (financing, incentives, referrals, etc.), completing the upgrade(s), and verifying the savings. Sign up at

The Cheshire Energy Commission was formed in the 1970’s and has been advising the Cheshire Town Council on energy-related matters ever since. Its members are Cheshire residents that volunteer their time and expertise to help reduce energy consumption in all town buildings. Times and location of monthly meetings, which are open to the public, are available at


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