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Morris Mixes Humor With Hard News During Visit

May 13, 2009 by Josh Morgan

Dick Morris, a political advisor to former President Bill Clinton and best selling author, spoke at Calvary Life Family Worship Center on May 9 to a crowd of hundreds.
Morris, who also appears frequently as a political commentator on Fox News, shared some of his thoughts on the economy, President Barack Obama, national security, and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Around 400 people attended the two-hour forum where Morris elicited laughter from his stories and applause for his pointed words. Calvary Life Pastor John Muratori moderated the forum, which also included a question and answer session.
Morris stated his belief that the stimulus package approved by Obama would not work and thought interest rates would climb sky high, resulting “in a catastrophe.” He said the stimulus was artificial money and thought most people should realize that. He said it was as if Obama filled up every American’s gas tank, “but no one is driving.”
“Most people can tell the difference between standing in front of a fan or a breezy day,” Morris said. “People should know the difference between an artificial stimulus and an actual change in the economic climate.”
Morris also said that the government has to “ration health care” because the system could not sustain the addition of 50 million uninsured Americans. He said it would be “dangerous” to offer united health care because the results in Canada have been “horrific.”
“We can’t just write a check to provide medical care,” Morris said, noting that the growth of doctors and nurses has been around 1 percent the past five years. “We need to expand the supply before expanding the coverage.”
Morris also touched on national security and international relationships, saying that he believed we are “heading for a catastrophe.”
“Obama thinks I’m wrong, so if we’re not hit with another terrorist attack in five years, I will apologize,” Morris said. “If I’m right, it’ll all come crashing down.”
He said it’s a mistake that enemies are welcomed to the White House while allies have to wait their turn. Morris believed Obama made “horrible mistakes” in the first days of his presidency, saying, “if you give the Taliban an inch, they will take a mile.”
“I think the United States will be involved in a war in Pakistan,” Morris said.
Muratori asked Morris if small businesses could weather the economic storm. Morris believed it would be “impossible” for those businesses to succeed because of current policies in Washington, D.C. and it would be hard to borrow money at reasonable interest rates to stay alive.
“Then, how do they survive in the next three to four years?” Muratori asked. Morris responded in two words, “They’re not.”
Morris, who has been outspoken in his dislike for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said she does “not give up her goals easily” and he could see her challenging Obama in a primary in 2012 for the presidency. However, he said he is willing to see how she does in her new job, which is “based on real performance,” before jumping to any conclusions.
“This is the first time in her life she has had a real job,” Morris said. “Let’s see what kind of job she does.”
Morris also believed Alaska governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin should seek the nation’s highest office in 2012. He believed there would be new faces in the Republican Party in three years, but expected Palin to be in the mix.
“I really hope she runs in 2012, I really like her a lot,” Morris said. “She had to learn some things, but courage, integrity, and confidence cannot be learned.”
When asked about former President Clinton, Morris said he was a “pretty good president from the neck up.” He said there is a “whole host of achievements” from the Clinton administration that the country should be proud of, such as increasing minimum wage and decreasing crime, but thought he neglected the terror threat to the country.
It wasn’t all doom and gloom, however, as Morris said Americans are “by far the hardest working people in the world” and the future is bright for the country.
“The idea that the best days are behind us is complete nonsense,” he said. “The future of America is enormously positive.”
After the forum, Morris was signing copies of his book “Fleeced,” which spent time on the New York Times bestseller list. Afterwards, Muratori said the forum was presented as a way to reach out to the community and discuss the issues that are prevalent today. He said the forum “exceeded expectations” and the topics discussed were “direct and informative.”
“We wanted to do a forum and (Morris) is very knowledgeable,” Muratori said. “We hoped to educate and inform the public.”
Terri McCarthy of Naugatuck said it was the “fastest two hours” she had experienced. She thought the forum was enlightening and said Morris “put things in perspective” for her.
“I thought he was just wonderful,” McCarthy said. “I really enjoyed the forum, it was good.”
Joe Orsene of Cheshire thought the forum was interesting and found Morris to be “passionate and knowledgeable.”
“It was a good forum,” Orsene said. “I see Morris on TV a lot and found him interesting to listen to.”
All proceeds from the event went to support the Turning Point Christian Center, a residential rehabilitation center in Bristol.


The truth about Fox, Dick Morris, and Mr. Muratori

May 16, 2009 by Safetydoc, 7 years 45 weeks ago
Comment: 15

Having It Both Ways

Several months ago Cheshire police raided a massage parlor that was operating in the back rooms of a manicure establishment. The manicure shop has reopened “under new management” and sans massage, but apparently business isn’t exactly booming. We don’t tolerate that sort of thing in our town.
More recently Eliot Spitzer, Governor of New York, was forced to resign after it was revealed that he regularly used the services of a call girl, which these days is defined as a prostitute who takes credit cards and has a web site, during trips to New York City and Washington DC. He quickly disappeared from view but is currently attempting to raise his public profile as an occasional political commentator. Which brings us to Dick Morris.
For those of you who don’t remember Dick Morris, he was Bill Clinton’s pollster and chief political advisor until he was caught in bed with…, you guessed it…, a call girl for whom it turns out he was a regular customer. The two most memorable things about his trysts was his proclivity for sucking her toes as well as his habit of letting her listen in on telephone conversations he had with the President of the United States. After his departure he turned against the Clintons and has made a full-time job of Hillary bashing, going to the extreme of writing an entire book refuting a book which she wrote. Unlike Gov. Spitzer and out local manicure parlor, he did not alter his habit of seeking professional companionship. As recently as 2007, he was on the list of the “DC Madame” as one of that outfit’s high rollers. That has not prevented him from being a regular commentator on Fox News, the network which so regularly gets it wrong that it has by far the highest percentage of viewers of any network who falsely believe that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 (For you Fox viewers, Iraq was in no way involved in the 9/11 plot.).
So I found it very curious that, of all people, Mr. Morris would be invited to a local church in town to dish out his view of the world in general and the Obama administration in particular. Mr. Morris is one of the frenzied right wing mob that is screaming from the rooftops, or rather the studios of Fox News, that President Obama is a socialist whose goal is to dismantle capitalism and turn us all into economic slaves. It is ironic that a Christian church would have such a rabidly antisocialist guest speaker. After all, didn’t the first Christians share their possessions and live more or less in self-imposed…socialism?
I guess there must be a new brand of Christianity since the church which invited him carries a prominent ad on its home page for a book about becoming wealthy by following Christian principles. On further investigation, however, it seems that those principles are actually Jewish ideas, or at least that’s what John Muratori, the pastor who invited Mr. Morris to town says in his article in The Voice which you can read online at:
The Voice proclaims its mission to be “Advancing Christian Life and Culture” and it devotes its Winter issue to the evil Democrats (see the menacing cropped photos of Obama, Pelosi, et al on the cover) who are hard at work “dismantling capitalism.” Pastor Muratori’s article entitled “Thriving in a crisis economy,” he advises us Western-thinking Christians to think like Jews. On page 34 he states:
“Today, Christians are facing panic and fear, wondering if they will survive this unstable
time, while at the same time Jews are praising God for the opportunity to thrive during this
economic crisis, as they have done in previous periods.”

He goes on to say that this explains why for centuries Jews have always achieved fiscal superiority in any country they have settled in. This is very dangerous thinking. If such statements were coming from the mouth of an anti-Semitic agitator, they would show just how fine the line is between purported admiration and Kristallnacht. Indeed, the Nazi movement persecuted Jews on exactly the same grounds that the good pastor says he admires them. I would be very wary of this man as I am of all men who mix religion and politics. After all, all it took for Dick Morris to switch from working for Bill Clinton to despising him was getting caught with someone else’s foot in his mouth.


July 2, 2009 by javvap (not verified), 7 years 38 weeks ago
Comment: 32

I find it ironic that someone would lace a letter to the editor with misinformation and opinion and title it “Truth”. If that’s not disingenuous enough, he throws in accusative words like “Anti-Semitic” and compares a well respected and accomplished Pastor/Author/Consultant to the Nazi Movement. Is that the pursuit of truth or the advancing of a personal agenda?

This response is nothing more then an irresponsible and unfounded rant, exactly what the writer accuses Fox News of doing. I would be very wary of anyone who attempts to publicly smear someone like Mr. Muratori without a shred of evidence of impropriety.

As someone who actually attended the event and Mr. Muratori’s church, let me present unpolluted fact as truth, so that readers are not poisoned by exaggerated and unbalanced commentary from safetydoc.

Fact: Calvary Life Family Worship Center is a healthy, growing church with a desire to see communities changed for the good, and to see America return to the moral values that made it great. This mission is evident by its community outreach programs—five this summer alone. In each case people are fed, given gifts and directed to churches in their area. In addition, CLFWC operates an extensive in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for individuals from around the state and the tri-state area. Please see

Fact: Pastor Muratori is considered an expert in Hebraic teachings, and is well respected both within the Jewish community and outside it. His teachings are Biblically sound and accurate and he travels extensively to teach not only at other churches, but also at business forums . This spring he was the guest of prominent officials in Mexico and over four hundred pastors who came great distances to hear what he had to say. He is well-respected by governmental agencies and political leaders both nationally and abroad. In fact, he was asked to testify before a sub-committee of Congress on the benefits of the type of rehabilitation model he has developed. His book is a well-written, Biblically balanced text on the topics of money and economics, and has received national acclaim from church leaders, educational institutions and the business community. Obviously, the person who wrote the uninformed letter to the editor has not read the book or he would know that it is anything but a “get rich quick” book. In fact, it is quite the opposite, using principles of hard work, integrity, generosity and honesty to develop the ability to handle money properly. But he wouldn’t know that because he “assumed” the content rather than doing any real research.

Now for my opinion:

The argument that Christianity and politics shouldn’t be mixed is ridiculous. I applaud a church willing to have their moral and ethical principles be heard and considered by those making political decisions. To disconnect moral considerations from politics is absolutely illogical. This type of thinking has led to the removal of the Ten Commandments from our schools and courthouses. Please explain why “Thou Shalt Not Lie” needs to be separated from politics?

Regardless of your opinion of Mr. Morris, he is a highly sought after political analyst and a NY Times best-selling author. Apparently, some people believe he has something to say. As was explained at the event, Mr. Morris’ presence was to inform the public and field questions that are on the minds of many people concerned about the new liberal leadership in America. It was not an endorsement of his character, but his analysis of the political climate in America.

I am appalled that the word “truth” is associated with such uninformed opinion. and how recklessly someone would attempt to destroy a person’s good name. If your game is simply to throw stones and defame public leaders, I suggest you stick with Mr. Morris, because Pastor Muratori is way out of your league.

By the way, if you are wary of a man that would mix religion with politics, then I guess you would be wary of Jesus Christ who saw no problem with the connection.

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