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Update 6/5: Assistant Coach Plans To Sue Town After Being Exposed To Homemade Explosive

June 4, 2012 by John Rook

The investigation into who might have thrown a small, homemade explosive device into the gymnasium at Cheshire High School last November remains ongoing.
However, one individual who was there at the time of the incident is going ahead with his plan to sue the Town of Cheshire over the matter.
Brian Choplick, an assistant to the CHS girls' volleyball team and volunteer statistician, has informed the Town that he plans to sue, claiming he suffered dizziness, nausea, and other effects due to the explosion. The notice was filed on May 16 in the Town Clerks office.
Choplick, who spoke to The Herald on June 5, said he is not looking to get rich from his lawsuit, rather, he is trying to have approximately $1,500 in medical bills covered. Choplick said he waited until the last moment to file the lawsuit, as he hoped to sue the person who made the explosive device. Without any other recourse and a deadline approaching, Choplick sued the Town.
"The person who made this bomb should be responsible. I hope they catch this person and the Town can recoup the money from them," Choplick said. "I'm a college student and don't have this type of money. My insurance didn't cover all the costs."
The incident took place last November, when a small plastic bottle containing household chemicals was thrown into the CHS gymnasium as the volleyball team was preparing to practice. The bottle exploded, creating a loud noise and producing an odor. Both Choplick and girls' volleyball head coach Sue Bavone investigated the bottle, and both were later taken to the hospital after complaining of sore throat and headache. Choplick said the school suggested he go to the hospital to be treated.
Choplick is not a school employee, but a volunteer and he states his insurance did not completely cover the expenses.

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