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Preview Of This Week's Cheshire Herald

May 10, 2012 by John Rook

Have you picked up a copy of The Cheshire Herald yet? If not, here's what you're missing:

*The Town of Cheshire is still hoping that the State will pick up a significant chunk of the cost for expected upgrades to its Wastewater Treatment Plant. Now, a bill being pushed by members of the Cheshire Legislative delegation may force the state to do just that. Read what the bill would require, and how officials hope it will help the Town.

*The greatest fear of any teacher, parent, or student is that of a gunman entering the school, armed with weapons and a desire to cause havoc. A tragedy of that kind can happen anywhere at any time, and Cheshire High School Principal Kevin Ryan is hoping that his school is as prepared as possible for such an eventuality. Find out what CHS, in conjunction with the Cheshire Police Department, has planned for later this month to ensure the school is prepared for the worst.

*Resident Terri LaChance isn't happy that Cheshire Youth Theater has decided to scrap its usual summer production in exchange for three new programs, and she is planning to do something about it. Learn about LaChance's unique protest idea and why the summer production was shut down in the first place.

*Don't forget to check out our editorial this week, where we look at the unfortunate case of Jerry O'Donnell, the former local police officer and private investigator who helped exonerate two men serving a sentence for murder, but was recently arrested on charges that he tampered with and bribed a witness to recant her story. In the editorial, we discuss how O'Donnell's situation proves that doing the wrong thing, even for the right reasons, is never appropriate.

*As always, check out our Around Town, Sports, and Schools sections for all your local news and happenings.

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